Industrial Inkjet Printer
  Common Types of Industrial Inkjet Printers

The Two Most Common Types of Industrial Inkjet Printers


The machines used for industrial purposes are usually designed to handle larger loads. An industrial inkjet printer could be capable of printing on larger sizes of materials than a standard desktop inkjet printer. This machine could also be able to print on a greater variety of materials that are typically used within an industrial setting. There are also a few different types of inkjet printers available for industrial use. The two most common types of printers used for industrial purposes are the thermal printers and the continuous printers. Each model comes with its own unique set of features designed to help improve the process of production.

Thermal Printers
Thermal inkjet printers use a heat transfer process to place the ink onto the chosen material. The different models available for industrial use are designed to make the process of printing more cost effective. In many cases, these machines are designed with energy saving features that could help reduce the cost of operation significantly. They are generally created to provide a fast method of transfer to a variety of surfaces that could include many irregular grades. These printers also come with easy to use touch screens designed to withstand the harsh environments found within industrial settings.
Continuous Printers
The continuous method of printing provides a better solution for printing on curved or flat surfaces. This type of industrial inkjet printer is capable of using a broader spectrum of inks to create a wider range of designs. In an industrial setting, this printer could be used to create designs for professional folders, brochures or labels. These printers are also available in models designed to meet the different printing needs businesses have. The different models are often categorized as light, medium or heavy duty to indicate the type of output performance they are capable of handling.
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